Ceraturgus cruciatus

This species is a wasp mimic and based upon the distribution records shown in Barnes (2008) this species is more common in Wisconsin than in any other state. Marcie O’Connor allowed me to use her photo of this species taken in Buffalo County, farther north than any other record from Wisconsin.

Identifying characteristics

This species is a wasp mimic and could easily be mistaken for one by the casual observer. The abdomen is black with very distinct stripes, the males having white stripes and the females with yellowish stripes. The legs are yellowish brown, with the femurs often darker above and almost black. This species is a little less than 2 cm. in length.

Similar species

None in Wisconsin.


Map showing sighting locations for Ceraturgus cruciatus
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Ceraturgus cruciatus mated pair. photo © 2008 marcie o’connor.

North of Praag, July 7, 2008