Laphria scorpio

Stephen Bullington records this species from four Wisconsin counties in his 1986 thesis, all of which were in the northern half of the state.

Identifying characteristics

Abdomen with segments one through six with golden-yellow hairs, hairs on the posterior of the thorax form a narrow triangle that does not extend to the middle of the thorax. The dorsal surface of the sixth abdominal segment has two projections in the center of the rear of this segment.

Similar species

There are several species that may be mistaken for this species. Both L. index and L. ithypyga could be confused with this species. This would be especially true if you were familiar with those two species. They all look superficially alike, but there are differences in the genitalia in both the male and the female. In this species a close look shows that all six segments of the abdomen have golden yellow hairs above, while in L. index and L. ithypyga only segments three through six have yellow gold hairs.


This is a robber fly of more boreal forests.


Late June through August.


This is not a well known robber fly, with few records and no photos posted online that I could locate as of March 15, 2009.


Map showing sighting locations for Laphria scorpio
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