Eudioctria albius

Wilcox and Martin (1941) describe two subspecies, E. albius aurifacies which has both a holotype and a paratype specimen both from Madison, WI and E. albius xanthopennis, with a holotype specimen from Forest County . Adisoemarto and Wood (1975) considered these two subspecies to be only color variants that should not have subspecies status.

Identifying characteristics

The side of frons is more or less parallel with the head wider than high, and the face with hair on only the lower one-third of face. The scutellum margin without long hairs. This species has a black mystax.

Similar species

Similar to the Echthodopa pubera but easily told by the lack of hairs on the scutellum.


Wood edges.


All specimens collected in Wisconsin were taken in June.


Map showing sighting locations for Eudioctria albius
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Female, in the same location as the mated pair ten minutes later.

Long Lake Rd., Florence Co., WI. June 29, 2010.

Eudioctria albiusClick to enlarge

Mated pair.

Long Lake Rd., Florence Co., WI. June 29, 2010.