Cyrtopogon laphriformis

This species has been recorded from Vermont and Pennsylvania, and has recently been found in New Hampshire and Maryland. Using the key in Wilcox and Martin (1936) this individual did key out to this species. There are not many photos of this genera online, but there are several photos of this species taken by Steve Collins online that look very much like this individual. He also collected one from New Hampshire and it was verified as being this species. In addition, Bromley, in his 1946 paper on the robber flies of Connecticut list it as occurring there and in his fourth paper on the Ohio robber flies (1947), he lists this species as being found in Hocking Co., OH.

Identifying characteristics

All femurs have apical reddish spots (these can’t be seen in the photos) and the female does have reddish brown bristles on the hind tibia below. The facial hair is mainly black with some light hairs near the middle. Scutellum convex, black with a thin grayish layer at the base, and with long white hairs. Hairs long and white on abdominal segments 1 and 2, and segments 3-5 have short and sparse yellow hairs, more abundant toward the sides of the abdomen and abdominal segments 6-7 have short white hairs.


Map showing sighting locations for Cyrtopogon laphriformis
Map key
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Cyrtopogon laphriformis

Sandhill Wildlife Area, Wood Co., WI. June 7, 2008.